Tangent Streak






SpectraVue™ Multifocal by Tangent Streak®


Our newest and best lens for digitally active presbyopes provides comfortable, uncompromised vision at all visual distances, including those small characters on your phone, tablet, or laptop. And still provides sharp distance for driving and finding golf balls.  

The unsurpassed lens design of SpectraVue™ corrects distance, intermediate and near via three vertically integrated power zones using optical principals similar to progressive eye glasses.


U.S. Patent Pending. SpectraVueTM is a trademark of Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc.
Tangent Streak® is a registered trademark of Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc.

Tangent Streak® AAA Multifocal Lens

An excellent choice for patients who adapt well to simultaneous vision optics. Exceptional comfort and a full range of visual focus provide a solution for early to mature presbyopic patient visual demands in an all-day wear contact lens. 

Our newest simultaneous lens features three concentric zones of power, with distance in the center, surrounded by the progressive intermediate power, and then the reading power zone radiating outward.


Tangent Streak® NO LINE™ Multifocal lens

Successfully worn by thousands of patients over the years, this simultaneous design is a good choice for beginning presbyopes with significant corneal astigmatism.   This multifocal lens exhibits a quick adjustment period and superior sharpness compared to monovision.

Tangent Streak® Segmented Bifocal & Trifocal lenses

A traditional “executive” type design, this legacy product is still worn by many because of its crisp distance and near focus, and higher reading power corrections.

The bifocal has wide, unobstructed fields of upper distance and lower near vision. The trifocal has a single intermediate power in the middle zone. These lenses continue to be available, but new patients are now choosing the more comfortable progressive SpectraVue lens or Tangent Streak AAA lens.