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Essilor MEGAThin - Contact Lenses - Optical First

Essilor MEGAThin

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For the practitioner or fitter who wants an absolute minimum thickness lens, we offer the Essilor MegaThin. It is a polycon-type flexible lens design.

Essilor single vision lenses are available in several materials which determine the slimness and resistance of the lens, as well as its lightness. Depending on your correction, your lifestyle and your own requirements, you may be recommended:

Simplicity lenses:

  • Trivex 1.53: Durable and light lenses for low corrections
  • Orma 1.5: Suitable for everyone, unbreakable, unlike glass lenses

Performance lenses:

  • Ormix 1.6: A lens that is suitable for all situations
  • Airwear 1.6: The only lens which combines resistance and ultra-lightness while being manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes. Its impact resistance properties make it particularly well-suited for children.

High-technology lenses:

  • Stylis 1.67: a thin lens offering discretion and elegance
  • Lineis 1.74: the thinnest lens in the Essilor range, ideal for high corrections.

The coating, applied to the lens surface, both improves vision quality and, for example, increases its stain or dirt resistance.

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